NamaMat was a spinoff product that originated when I was working with Little Nomad. It extended the brand mantra of practical, wipe clean products from the play space into the kitchen and office. All of our previous products and marketing focused on children’s products and this felt like a significant enough departure that we created its own subbrand to avoid confusion. When the product launched on Kickstarter it met its initial funding goal in less than 7 minutes and exceeded the goal by 10x after the 2 week campaign period. The success of the campaign confirmed our hypothesis that our customers wanted simple, wipe clean products in other places in their home and led to an general shift in strategy away from children’s products. Eventually we made the strategic decision to rebrand the company to the House of Noa.

NamaMat Kickstarter Page

Project Details

  • Scripted, captured, and edited the NamaMat Kickstarter video
  • Led design and creative to build the Kickstarter campaign page, including brand marks, copywriting, photography, and animations.
  • Assisted in customer outreach to tease the product prior to launch as well as updates after the campaign ended.