My name is Maciej (pronounced “MAH-chay”) and it's nice to meet you. My professional career has been on an unconventional trajectory for quite some time. I’ve been involved in a multitude of initiatives, projects, industries, careers, day-jobs, night-jobs, etc. Ultimately it’s led me here - the culmination of years of learning about business and design. I took a personality test once and it said I operate like only 1% of the population - with the unique ability to use both the left and right side of my brain - my thinkcap. This is how I tackle any project - letting my creativity run wild and then reigning it in with thoughtfulness, order and analysis to design brands with purpose.

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Maciej aka "Mach"

Create with purpose.

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  • Launched and funded a successful Kickstarter Campaign that 10x'd its funding goal
  • Assisted in the growth and eventual sale of a ecommerce consumer "mommy" brand to a PE firm
  • Co-founded a DTC subscription brand in the outdoor space and eventually sold to a strategic partner.
  • Worked for a Wall Street investment firm managing real estate assets across the US.
  • Created a video learning course on how to perform root canals!
  • Oversaw the construction, marketing, and sale of luxury condominiums in the 2nd tallest residential tower in Philadelphia.
  • Launched a new line of fishing reels
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